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  • However, despite a negative predictive value of 100% at a cutoff of 3 ng/mL, CEA assay in pleural fluid only avoids a small number of diagnostic thoracoscopies [16].
  • The mass was surgically resected using thoracoscopy to investigate it as the focus of ACTH production [17].
  • In 62 T2 clinical lesions, thoracoscopy was not feasible due to technical difficulties in 21 (34%); however, in the remaining 41 cases, 6 lesions changed to T3 and 1 to T4 [18].
  • Compared with costotransversectomy, which was performed in 15 patients, thoracoscopy permitted more complete resection of calcified and midline thoracic discs because it provided a direct view of the entire anterior surface of the dura [19].
  • RESULTS: Twenty patients with AIDS (95% male, mean age 37.4 years, mean CD4 count 76 cells/ml3) underwent thoracoscopy [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Thoracoscopy


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