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A genetic and physical map of bovine chromosome 11.

A genetic map of bovine Chromosome (Chr) 11 (BTA11, synteny group U16) has been constructed from 330 animals belonging to 21 families, which constitute the international bovine reference panel (IBRP). This map is based on 13 polymorphic microsatellite markers, two of which were chosen in previously published maps. Three markers have been isolated from cosmids. Two of the three cosmids have been physically localized by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), to anchor the genetic map on the chromosome. In addition, a biallelic polymorphism in the beta-lactoglobulin gene ( LGB) has been genetically positioned relative to the microsatellite markers. The most probable order of the markers is: cen-INRA044-BM716-INRA177-(TGLA327, INRA198, INRA131)-INRA111-INRABERN169-(INRA115, INRA032)-INRA108-INRABERN162-INRA195-LGB. The total linkage group spans 126 cM, which probably corresponds to most of the chromosome length. The average intermarker distance is about 10.5 cM, allowing the potential detection of a genetic linkage with any Economic Trait Loci (ETL) of this chromosome. Seven of these markers have been previously published by Vaiman and coworkers (1994), two will be published as part of a set of markers (Eggen et al. in preparation), two are described in this paper, and two (BM716, TGLA327) were chosen from the published maps of BTA11 in order to integrate our data with existing maps. All these markers were assigned to synteny group U16 by use of a previously characterized panel of hamster/bovine somatic hybrid cell lines (Guérin et al. 1994).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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