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Constant light affects retinal dopamine levels and blocks deprivation myopia but not lens-induced refractive errors in chickens.

Chickens were raised with either translucent occluders or lenses, both under normal light cycles (12-h light/12-h dark) and in constant light (CL). Under normal light cycles, eyes with occluders became very myopic, and eyes with lenses became either relatively hyperopic (positive lenses) or myopic (negative lenses). After the treatment, retinal dopamine (DA), DOPAC, and serotonin levels were measured by high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC-EC). A significant drop in daytime retinal DOPAC (-20%) was observed after 1 week of deprivation, and in both DOPAC (-40%) and DA (-30%) after 2 weeks of deprivation. No changes in retinal serotonin levels were found. Retinal DA or DOPAC content remained unchanged after 2 or 4 days of lens wearing even though the lenses had already exerted their maximal effect on axial eye growth. When the chickens were raised in CL, development of deprivation myopia was reduced (8 days CL) or entirely blocked (13 days CL). Lens-induced changes in eye growth were not different after either 6 or 11 days in CL, compared to animals raised in a normal light cycle. Thirteen days of CL resulted in a dramatic reduction of DA and DOPAC levels, but serotonin levels were also lowered. The results suggest that lens-induced changes in refraction may not be dependent on dopaminergic pathways whereas deprivation myopia requires normal diurnal DA rhythms to develop.[1]


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