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Genotoxic effects of the carbamate insecticide methomyl. I. In vitro studies with pure compound and the technical formulation "Lannate 25".

The carbamate insecticide methomyl and the methomyl-containing technical formulation "Lannate 25" were tested on whole blood human lymphocyte cultures. Both products induced dose-dependent increases in chromosome aberrations and micronuclei. Lannate 25 induced DNA damage as measured by the alkaline elution assay and hydroxylation of guanine at the C8 position. Sister chromatid exchanges were not increased significantly with either product. Overall, the technical formulation was more active than the pure compound, when compared at similar concentrations of active principle. Moreover, a different ratio of CREST-positive/CREST-negative micronuclei was observed with the two products, pure methomyl being relatively more active than Lannate 25 in the induction of CREST-positive micronuclei. On the basis of these results, previous evaluations of methomyl as a nongenotoxic compound should be reconsidered.[1]


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