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Polymorphism and divergence at the 5' flanking region of the sex-determining locus, Sry, in mice.

We have investigated patterns of evolution in the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome in mice by comparing levels of polymorphism within Mus domesticus with levels of divergence between M. domesticus and M. spretus. A 1,277-bp fragment of noncoding sequence flanking the sex determining locus (Sry) was PCR amplified, and 1,063 bases were sequenced and compared among 20 M. domesticus and 1 M. spretus. Two polymorphic base substitutions and two polymorphic insertion/deletion sites were identified within M. domesticus; nucleotide diversity was estimated to be 0.1%. Divergence between M. domesticus and M. spretus for this region (1.9%) was slightly lower than the average divergence of single-copy nuclear DNA for these species. Comparison of levels of polymorphism and divergence at Sry with levels of polymorphism and divergence in the mitochondrial DNA control region provided no evidence of a departure from the expectations of neutral molecular evolution. These findings are consistent with the presumed lack of function for much of the Y chromosome.[1]


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