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Y Chromosome

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Disease relevance of Y Chromosome


High impact information on Y Chromosome

  • Here we report the finished sequence of the chimpanzee Y chromosome (PTRY), including 271 kb of the Y-specific pseudoautosomal region 1 and 12.7 Mb of the male-specific region of the Y chromosome [6].
  • Evidence that positive selection drives Y-chromosome degeneration in Drosophila miranda [7].
  • Primitive cells bearing Y chromosomes that expressed c-kit, MDR1, and Sca-1 were also investigated [8].
  • In most mammals, male development is triggered by the transient expression of the Y-chromosome gene, Sry, which initiates a cascade of gene interactions ultimately leading to the formation of a testis from the indifferent fetal gonad [9].
  • In a six-generation pedigree with LWD, we established linkage to the marker DXYS6814 in the pseudoautosomal region (PAR1) of the X and Y chromosomes (Z max=6.28; theta=0) [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Y Chromosome


Biological context of Y Chromosome


Anatomical context of Y Chromosome

  • The Y chromosome RNA recognition motif (YRRM) family includes a minimum of three members expressed specifically in the testis [18].
  • The X-linked actin sequence has been assigned to a centromeric region between Xp11 and Xq11 by hybridization to DNAs from a panel of human-mouse hybrid cell lines, and thus lies outside the postulated region of homology between the X and Y chromosomes [19].
  • Two-color centromeric FISH was used to study the inclusion of the X and Y chromosomes in micronuclei of cultured lymphocytes from 10 men representing two age groups (21-29 years and 51-55 years) [20].
  • We suggest that GATA repeats of Bkm brings about a coordinated decondensation of the W and Y sex chromosomes in the germ cells of the heterogametic sex in response to BBP which may serve as a "switch" for the activation of the genes present on the W and Y chromosomes [21].
  • Two genes (Dby and Eif2s3y) were mapped to the Y chromosome and were expressed in male blastocysts [22].

Associations of Y Chromosome with chemical compounds

  • In conclusion, testosterone caused an enhanced renal NE release that was strain-specific, with the Y chromosome raising renal NE content and release [23].
  • Testosterone effects on renal norepinephrine content and release in rats with different Y chromosomes [23].
  • Further analyses of 14 strains tested for the permissive vs. restrictive status of their flamenco alleles suggest that the presence of permissive alleles of flam in a stock tends to be associated with the confinement of active gypsy elements to the Y chromosome [24].
  • Although quinacrine staining of Y chromosomes can be performed on cells previously marked for membrane antigens, this staining is not fully discriminative between male and female cells [25].
  • When the biotin-labeled DOP-PCR product was hybridized with competitor DNA in situ, the fluorescent signal painted the Y chromosomes [26].

Gene context of Y Chromosome

  • Hya, the murine locus controlling H-Y expression, has been localized to delta Sxrb, a deletion interval of the short arm of the Y chromosome [27].
  • We report here the identification of a functional marsupial Y-linked homologue of the murine Ube1y gene establishing that Metatherian and Eutherian Y chromosomes diverged from a common ancestor [28].
  • The Y chromosomes of the subspecies Mus musculus musculus and M. m. domesticus were distinguishable by a Zfy-1 restriction fragment polymorphism, which can be used to study their differing interactions with autosomal sex-determining genes [29].
  • Molecular and cytogenetic evidence for the location of Tdy and Hya on the mouse Y chromosome short arm [30].
  • However, an anomalous crossing-over event of this kind would only give rise to the observed result if the native homologue of the Sxr region were situated on the very minute short arm of the Y chromosome [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Y Chromosome


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