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A gene (Bevi) on human chromosome 6 is an integration site for baboon type C DNA provirus in human cells.

Human VA-2 cells infected with baboon type C virus were cloned and fused to Syrian hamster cells, and 33 primary hybrid colonies were obtained. These cells segregated human chromosomes and retained the complete hamster genome. Assays for type C viral p30 antigen and reverse transcriptase were performed in conjunction with analyses of 30 gene-enzyme systems representing 22 different human chromosomes. The results comfirmed that a gene, Bevi, previously assigned to human chromosome 6, dominantly controls baboon type C virus expression in hybrid cells. Representative hybrid colones were studied by nucleic acid hybridization techniques for the presence of integrated proviral DNA using complementary 3H-DNA transcripts of the baboon viral RNA genome. For each of 12 clones examined, there was a concordance between the presence of human chromosome 6, the presence of baboon type C proviral DNA sequences and virus expression. Clones which segregated chromosome 6 as judged by isozyme and karyological analyses lost detectable proviral DNA sequences and failed to produce virus. No syntenic association between the replication of baboon virus and the presence of 21 other human chromosomes was deteced. We conclude that Bevi is a preferred integration site for the baboon type C provirus in the human genome.[1]


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