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Cloning of a gene encoding a human leukocyte protein characterised by extensive heptad repeats.

Complementary DNA (cDNA) clones, encoding a fusion protein that was recognised by an antiserum raised against a purified polypeptide fragment of a 180-kDa human leukocyte protein, were isolated from a lambda gt11 expressed library. The clones encoded a unique amino acid (aa) sequence interspersed with heptad repeats that typify coiled-coil proteins, and hybridised to a 5-kb transcript universally expressed in a panel of eight human tissues. Comparatively high levels of RNA expression were seen in testis, ovary and mitogen-activated peripheral blood leukocytes (PBLs). The deduced 1300-aa sequence reveals a protein with a typical signal peptide, a hydrophilic domain containing an N-terminal globular head with a nuclear localization signal sequence, a C-terminal region of coiled-coil structure, a candidate transmembrane domain, and a short 10-aa C-terminal domain. Rabbit polyclonal antisera raised against a truncated lambda gt11 fusion protein recognized a 150-170-kDa protein (non-reduced) in mitogen-activated PBLs. The protein designated here as CG-1 may exist as a homodimer destined for translocation to the nucleus, with a role in leukocyte differentiation and/or effector function.[1]


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