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Synthesis and characterization of a biotinylated organophosphorus ester for detection and affinity purification of a brain serine esterase: neuropathy target esterase.

We have synthesized a novel stable precursor, saligenin phosphorotrichloridate, which, on reaction with N-monobiotinyldiamines, generates a series of biotinylated covalent inhibitors of serine esterases. A homologue designated S9B [1-(saligenin cyclic phospho)-9-biotinyldiaminononane] was selected to allow detection and rapid isolation of neuropathy target esterase ( NTE). This enzyme is the primary target site for those organophosphorus esters (OPs) which cause delayed neuropathy. NTE comprises about 0.03% of the total protein in brain microsomal fractions and has resisted purification attempts over many years. S9B is a potent progressive inhibitor of NTE esteratic activity (second-order rate constant 1.4 x 10(7) M-1.min-1). Incubation of S9B with brain microsomes led to specific covalent labelling of NTE as determined by detection of a biotinylated 155 kDa polypeptide on Western blots. Specificity of S9B labelling was further demonstrated by inhibition with the neuropathic OP mipafox. Biotinyl- NTE in SDS-solubilized S9B-labelled microsomes was adsorbed on to avidin-Sepharose and subsequently eluted, yielding a fraction enriched approx. 1000-fold in NTE by a single step with recoveries of 30%. Essentially pure NTE was obtained after separation from two endogenous biotinylated polypeptides (120 and 70 kDa) in avidin-Sepharose eluates by preparative SDS/PAGE. Other biotinylated saligenin phosphoramidates derived from the same precursor may be useful for detection and isolation of other serine esterases and proteinases.[1]


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