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Identification of human DAN gene, mapping to the putative neuroblastoma tumor suppressor locus.

The expression of DAN gene (previously designated as N03 gene) is significantly reduced in a variety of transformed rat fibroblasts, including v-src- (SR-3Y1), SV40- and v-mos-transformed 3Y1 cells, compared with that in parental 3Y1 cells. Recently, DAN gene has been shown to possess a tumor suppressive activity when it is overexpressed in SR-3Y1 cells (Ozaki & Sakiyama, 1994). To assess the involvement of DAN gene with human neoplasms, we have isolated human DAN counterpart from a normal lung cDNA library by using rat DAN cDNA as a probe, and determined its chromosomal location. Human DAN gene mapped to chromosome 1p36.11-p36.13, which is well known to show highly significant linkage with the genesis and/or progression of human neuroblastoma. Southern blot analysis on tumor DNA from 26 patients with neuroblastoma has detected three patients showing genomic rearrangement or deletion within or closely linked to the DAN gene locus. Collectively, we propose that human DAN gene is a possible candidate for a tumor suppressor gene of human neuroblastoma.[1]


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