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Family planning in Viet Nam: a vigorous approach.

Viet Nam, a country in transition, is vigorously implementing its population and family planning policies and plans, despite the fact that increased government expenditure for family planning only amounts to some US $0.15 per capita, far short of the minimum $0.60 required. An increased range of family planning methods will be offered to the population through a "cafeteria" approach. Genital tract infections will be reduced, as well as the incidence of abortion. Research continues on injectable and implanted contraceptives, and the use of quinacrine nonsurgical female sterilization. In the long term, a mix of imported and locally-produced contraceptives is envisaged to achieve greater sustainability. Family planning will be closely linked to economic development and poverty alleviation, with mass organizations developing family planning-linked credit, savings and income generating schemes. Pilot experience has indicated value if integrated approach linking family planning, nutrition, and parasite control. The health manpower and health services systems are being overhauled, with plans to appoint family planning focal points at commune level, linked to mobile district teams and grassroots motivators. Medical equipment, contraceptives and essential drugs for family planning and reproductive health services are in short supply at an estimated 60% of commune health stations. Both the public sector and the growing private sector will need to face the challenge of providing the population with high-quality reproductive health services and family planning options suited to individual needs and preferences.[1]


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