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Phosphorylation of E2F-1 modulates its interaction with the retinoblastoma gene product and the adenoviral E4 19 kDa protein.

The transcription factor E2F is regulated through its cyclical interaction with a spectrum of cellular proteins. One such protein is the product of the retinoblastoma gene (Rb); association of E2F with Rb inhibits its transactivation potential. However, in adenovirus-infected cells, E2F is complexed to the 19 kDa product of the adenovirus E4 gene. We have studied the interaction of E2F-1 with the Rb and adenovirus E4 proteins and show that phosphorylation of E2F-1 on serine residues 332 and 337 prevented its interaction with Rb but was a prerequisite for interaction with E4. These residues were phosphorylated in vivo and by p34cdc2 kinase in vitro. Upon stimulation of serum-starved cells, phosphorylation was induced in the late G1 phase of the cell cycle. These observations suggest that phosphorylation of E2F-1 is important in the regulation of its activity during the cell cycle and during infection of cells by adenovirus.[1]


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