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Amnioinfusions in renal agenesis.

BACKGROUND: Renal agenesis causes severe oligohydramnios, which results in compression effects, lung hypoplasia, and rapid neonatal death. CASE: We report a case of renal agenesis identified in a fetus in which serial amnioinfusions were employed to prevent pulmonary hypoplasia and compression effects. A total of ten amnioinfusions were performed between 17-33 weeks' gestation. Chorioamnionitis led to preterm delivery at 33 weeks. The infant had no significant pulmonary hypoplasia and none of the compression effects usually associated with the oligohydramnios sequence. Peritoneal dialysis was provided for the infant with a long-term aim of eventual renal replacement therapy, but dialysis was unsuccessful and the infant died at the age of 23 days. Autopsy revealed slightly small lungs and extensive cavitating lesions in the brain, which were presumed to be of peripartum or antenatal origin. The chain of events leading to this unusual course of action is described, and the ethical aspects are outlined. CONCLUSION: At present, this type of procedure is not an appropriate intervention in cases of renal agenesis, and such management is strongly discouraged.[1]


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