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Studies on the hemagglutinant activity of some Aeromonas strains.

216 strains to Aeromonas genus (158 A. hydrophila, 33 A. salmonicida, 23 A. sobria, 1 A. caviae and 1 A. veronii strains) of different sources of isolation were studied concerning their hemagglutinating behaviour to 5 different erythrocyte species (human, bovine, chicken, African green monkey and guinea pig) in the presence/absence of mannose/fucose. The study aimed to establish the spectrum of their hemagglutinating activity and any possible correlation between the source of isolation, biochemical phenotype LDC VP and HA type/subtype. Different aspects of HA type/subtype and phenotype LDC VP of Aeromonas strains are discussed. Four Aeromonas hydrophila strains isolated from pig enteritis exhibited constantly FRHA to bovine erythrocytes suggesting a possible correlation between virulence and HA type of the respective strains.[1]


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