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Ventricular systolic assessment in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy by preload-adjusted maximal power. Validation and noninvasive application.

BACKGROUND: Noninvasive cardiac-specific analysis of contractile function in patients with dilated heart failure remains problematic. This study tests whether maximal power divided by the square of end-diastolic volume (PWRmx/EDV2, or preload-adjusted PWRmx) can provide such assessment. METHODS AND RESULTS: To validate the load insensitivity of the PWRmx index and determine its response to contractile change, 24 subjects with chronic dilated cardiomyopathy underwent invasive pressure-volume catheterization study using the conductance catheter technique. Preload was transiently reduced by 30% using balloon occlusion of the inferior vena cava, and afterload impedance was lowered by 50%, induced by a bolus injection of nitroglycerin. Contractile state was varied by intravenous dobutamine, verapamil, or esmolol. PWRmx was calculated from the simultaneous product of ventricular pressure and rate of volume change (dV/dt), the latter derived from the volume catheter signal. PWRmx varied directly with preload but was minimally influenced by afterload. However, PWRmx/EDV2 was not significantly altered by either loading change. PWRmx/EDV2 did vary with contractility, correlating closely with changes in the end-systolic pressure-volume relation (r = .91, P < .001). To test the noninvasive application of this index, 12 additional patients were studied, with PWRmx/EDV2 derived from nuclear ventriculography combined with a novel method to measure central arterial pressures. Subjects received intravenous nitroprusside or dobutamine in random order. Ejection fraction increased similarly with both agents (+42.9 +/- 8.9% for dobutamine and +29.4 +/- 5.3% for nitroprusside, both P < .01). In contrast, PWRmx/EDV2 did not significantly change with nitroprusside but increased by 126 +/- 16.1% with dobutamine (P < .01). CONCLUSIONS: Preload-adjusted PWRmx is a steady-state index of ventricular systolic function that is sensitive to inotropic state and minimally influenced by physiological changes in afterload impedance or volume load. It appears useful for noninvasive cardiac-specific analysis of acute drug effects.[1]


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