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IgE immune response to rubber proteins in adult patients with latex allergy.

In the present immunoblot study we examined IgE immune responses to natural rubber latex proteins in sera from 27 adult patients with latex allergy. We demonstrated at least 30 proteins in the rubber tree sap, of which 19 bound IgE antibodies in a heterogeneous manner in patient sera. Twenty-two of the 27 patient sera (81%) showed positive immunoblot test results. IgE antibodies in the patient sera bound most frequently to a 20 kd allergen, which was recognized by 17 of the 22 (77%) patient sera with positive immunoblot test results. These results suggest that a 20 kd rubber protein could be a major allergen in adult patients with latex allergy. Immunoblotting with a representative set of allergens as antigen would offer a sensitive, confirmatory in vitro test to demonstrate hypersensitivity to latex.[1]


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