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Paired plateletpheresis with the CS 3000 plus blood cell separator using the new 30 ml low-volume collection chamber and the A-35 collection chamber.

Eight blood donors underwent paired plateletpheresis using the CS 3000 Plus blood cell separator. For each donor, two samples were run: one with the TNX-6 separation and the new 30-ml low-volume collection chamber (LVCC) and one with TNX-6 separation and the A-35 collection chamber. With the LVCC, 4.8 +/- 0.5 x 10(11) thrombocytes could be harvested, whereas 4.4 +/- 1.4 x 10(11) platelets (PLT) were collected with the A-35 chamber. The separation efficiencies were 51.7 +/- 6.6% for the LVCC and 43.8 +/- 10.7% for the A-35 chamber. The leukocyte contamination of the platelet concentrates was not statistically different.[1]


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