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Selective expression of intracisternal A-particle genes in established mouse plasmacytomas.

Mouse plasmacytomas generally express higher levels of RNA transcripts from endogenous intracisternal A-particle ( IAP) proviral elements than do lipopolysaccharide-stimulated normal lymphocytes. Lymphocytes express a limited and highly characteristic set of IAP elements (lymphocyte-specific [ LS] elements). In this study, we examined whether LS elements are expressed at higher levels after transformation of the cells and/or whether new IAP elements are activated. The IAP elements expressed in plasmacytoma MPC11 were characterized by sequence analysis of 22 cDNA clones. The long terminal repeats (LTRs) of the tumor cDNAs proved to be highly related in sequence. None of the clones was of the LS cDNA type. The MPC11 LTRs were five- to sixfold more active than an LS cDNA LTR when tested for promoter activity by transfection into plasmacytoma cells. The LTRs of the tumor-derived cDNAs contained a canonical ATF core sequence (ATF-PC), while the LS cDNAs contained an altered sequence (ATF- LS). An ATF-PC oligonucleotide probe detected multiple IAP transcripts on Northern (RNA) blots of RNA from several plasmacytoma but gave no reaction with RNA from stimulated B lymphocytes. In contrast, an ATF- LS probe detected higher levels of RNA in lymphocyte than in tumor RNAs. Thus, expression of IAP elements in transformed B cells is selective for a different set of regulatory sequence variants than those expressed in normal B cells. Other oligonucleotide probes representing LS- and PC-specific sequence variants detected multiple common hypomethylated IAP proviral loci in three independently derived plasmacytomas. Overall, the results show that established plasmacytomas exhibit a characteristic pattern of IAP proviral hypomethylation and regulatory sequence selection.[1]


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