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Serum corticosteroid-binding globulin levels in children undergoing heart surgery.

Serum corticosteroid-binding globulin ( CBG) levels were measured in children (mean age 4 years) during heart surgery. Considerable decrease in CBG level occurred between baseline examination (416 +/- 39 nM) and the day of surgery (314 +/- 30 nM). Relatively simple closed heart surgery did not influence CBG level with maximal cortisol level being 20 +/- 4 micrograms/dl. Open heart surgery under conditions of profound hypothermia (26 C, without extracorporeal circulation) caused dramatic lowering of CBG level, particularly striking after resuscitation (180 +/- 20 nM). At the same time cortisol level reached extremely high values (78 +/- 8 micrograms/dl). These data suggest that CBG is likely to play an important role in pituitary-adrenal response to surgery under severe conditions of hypothermia and cardiac arrest.[1]


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