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Regulation of tobacco acetolactate synthase gene expression.

Acetolactate synthase (ALS) catalyzes the first common step in the biosynthesis of isoleucine, leucine, and valine. The previous cloning of two tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) ALS genes (SurA and SurB) has allowed transcript accumulation from these genes to be monitored. mRNA blot analysis of ALS transcripts showed a message size of 2.2 kb. Quantitation of the levels of ALS messages in tobacco organs indicated that there was 3- to 4-fold variation in the levels of expression of the ALS genes in different organs. This variability correlated with the developmental stage of the samples, with the highest levels of expression found in developing organs. In situ hybridizations of anti-mRNA probes to plant sections established that ALS messages are most prevalent in metabolically active and dividing cells of roots, stems, and floral tissue. Using RNase protection assays, the transcriptional start sites of the ALS genes were determined, and the expression levels of the two tobacco ALS genes were then followed separately. Both tobacco ALS genes are expressed in a coordinated manner in all tobacco organs examined, with the SurB gene being consistently expressed at higher levels than the SurA gene.[1]


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