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Coupling of endothelin B receptors to the calcium pump and phospholipase C via Gs and Gq in rat liver.

We have demonstrated in liver from male rats that both endothelin A (ETA) and ETB receptors coexist in equal proportion and that ETA receptors mediate a calcium-dependent activation of glycogenolysis. We describe here a sex difference in endothelin action in hepatocytes because, in female rats, 80% of the ET receptors are of ETB type and, accordingly, activation of glycogenolysis is an ETB-mediated process (EC50 = 0.03 pM). ET-1 stimulation of glycogenolysis in female rats was consecutive to activation of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate hydrolysis (EC50 = 0.03 pM) and to inhibition of the calcium extrusion pump (IC50 = 0.03 pM) in plasma membranes, with ET-1 approximately sarafotoxin S6C approximately ET-3. Endothelin regulation of each effector was potentiated by GTP gamma S. ET-1 did not stimulate adenylyl cyclase activity. To identify the nature of the guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins (G protein(s)) coupling ETB receptors to each effector, we used antibodies against the COOH terminus of different G protein alpha subunits. Antibodies reactive with Gs alpha (RM) blocked ET-1 inhibition of the calcium pump, while they did not affect ET-1 stimulation of phospholipase C. Antibodies reactive with Gq alpha (QL) dose-dependently antagonized stimulation of phospholipase C by ET-1 and vasopressin, without affecting ET-1 inhibition of the calcium pump. Antibodies reactive with Gi1 alpha/Gi2 alpha (AS) had no effect on either system. We conclude that the calcium signal provoked by endothelins in hepatocyte is not only consecutive to activation of phospholipase C but also to inhibition of the plasma membrane calcium pump, each effector being coupled to ETB receptors by different G proteins, Gq, and Gs.[1]


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