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B-50 (GAP-43) in Onuf's nucleus of the adult cat.

The nucleus of Onuf in the sacral spinal cord contains motoneurons that innervate the pelvic floor muscles and possess somatic and autonomic characteristics. We show in this study that in the intact adult cat, the immunocytochemical labelling of the nervous tissue-specific growth-associated protein, B-50 (GAP-43), which persists in Onuf's nucleus, differs markedly from that in the remaining 'purely somatic' motor nuclei of the sacral spinal cord. At the light microscopic level, an intense B-50 (GAP-43) immunoreactivity (B-50-IR) in the neuropil of Onuf's nucleus contrasts with a faint staining in the other spinal motor nuclei. Ultrastructurally, B-50-IR is found in Onuf's nucleus within some unmyelinated small diameter nerve fibres and numerous axon terminals on dendritic and somatic surfaces. Conversely, in all other motor nuclei only a few of these structures are stained. No other cellular profiles show B-50-IR in the tissue examined. According to the proposed functions of B-50 (GAP-43), its persistence in mature spinal axon terminals may indicate a latent capability of functional and structural remodeling, as well as an involvement in long-term enhancement in synaptic transmission. If so, these properties would be considerably more pronounced in Onuf's nucleus as compared to purely somatic motor nuclei.[1]


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