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Transgenic Drosophila carrying mammalian cytochrome P-4501A1: an application to toxicology testing.

Transgenic Drosophila which carry a canine cytochrome P-450 were established and evaluated for its value on toxicology testing. Dah1, a cDNA clone for the canine hepatic P-4501A1, was ligated between the promoter of Drosophila heat-shock protein gene and the terminator of actin 5C gene, and then microinjected into Drosophila embryos with a transposon P element. The injected DNA was stably integrated into chromosomal DNA in germ line cells. After heat-shock treatments, transgenic larvae produced mRNA and a detectable amount of protein that cross-reacted with antibodies against rat P-4501A1. The ability of transgenic flies to activate procarcinogens was monitored in the DNA repair test with the endpoint being preadult mortality of repair-defective mei-9a mei-41D5/Y males. Heat-shock treatments of larvae showed that the repair-defective males carrying the P-4501A1 transgene were killed by lower concentrations of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene than their non-transgenic or non heat-shocked counterparts. Coadministration of alpha-naphthoflavone, one of the inhibitors of P-4501A subfamily, cancelled the enhanced mortality of transgenic males, supporting that 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene was metabolized to its genotoxic form by the expressed P-4501A1 enzyme. This study indicates a potential utility of transgenic Drosophila for screening mammalian promutagens and procarcinogens.[1]


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