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Identification of xanthine oxidase activity following reperfusion in human tissue.

In this series of experiments, we surveyed xanthine oxidase activity after microvascular transfer in the venous effluent after reperfusion of human rectus abdominis muscle (n = 8) and jejunum (n = 4). Enzyme activity was correlated with duration of ischemia and biochemical markers of cellular injury. Xanthine oxidase ( XO) activity was measured spectrofluorometrically using a pterin assay, whereas cellular injury was measured with commercial creatinine phosphokinase activity assay and lipid peroxidation products using a spectrophotometer. The data demonstrated that XO activity was statistically significantly increased in muscle flaps kept at room temperature during ischemia compared with muscle flaps that were cooled (p < 0.05). Creatinine phosphokinase activity was also increased after 15 minutes of reperfusion in muscle flaps that were not cooled (p < 0.05). Two of the jejunal free flaps had ischemia times of > 1 hour and had elevated XO activity after reperfusion despite cooling (p < 0.05). Two other jejunal flaps had ischemia times of < 1 hour, but in one case, the XO activity was increased before harvest. The other case had no increase in XO activity.[1]


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