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Acute anoxia-induced alterations in MAP2 immunoreactivity and neuronal morphology in rat hippocampus.

Cerebral ischemia induces major neuronal morphological alterations. It is not clear, however, whether this is directly caused by O2 deprivation. To determine the effect of hypoxia on cytoskeletal structures and neuronal morphology, we performed experiments and examined anoxia-induced changes in microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2) and cell morphology in hippocampal slices in vitro. Anoxia (measured PO2 = 0 Torr) induced a marked loss in dendritic MAP2 immunoreactivity and cell swelling of hippocampal neurons by 2 h after O2 reinstitution. These changes were severe in CA1 and CA3 neurons and comparatively mild in dentate gyrus neurons. Quantitative analysis showed that 10 min of anoxia induced a 30% loss of MAP2-positive dendrites but this increased to 70% after 30 min of anoxia. A concurrent major increase in somata area of about 100% and 200% was observed in CA1 and CA3 neurons respectively. Somata area in the lower dentate gyrus, however, increased either insignificantly or by only 30% for the respective periods of anoxia. These results suggest that deprivation of O2 can by itself induce a major loss in dendritic MAP2 immunoreactivity and changes in cell morphology in hippocampal neurons. These alterations occur rapidly after hypoxia, and the severity of these changes is directly related to the duration of anoxia and brain region in the hippocampus.[1]


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