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Bronchial carcinoid tumors in pediatric patients.

Bronchial carcinoid tumors (BCT) are the most frequent primary pulmonary neoplasms of childhood. Seventeen of 208 patients diagnosed as having BCT at the Massachusetts General Hospital were between 10 and 21 years of age. We reviewed our records of the 17 patients and 8 other pediatric cases and compared their findings with those of seven large series of adults. Distribution was equal between the sexes. The average age at diagnosis was 17 years; 4 patients were < or = 15 years old. The duration of symptoms prior to diagnosis varied from 2 weeks to 2.6 years, with a median duration of 8.5 months. In contrast to adults, no child was asymptomatic. The majority of children presented with wheezing and atelectasis in addition to the characteristic adult triad of cough, hemoptysis, and pneumonitis. Five patients presented with weight loss and one patient presented with hoarseness. One of the 17 pediatric patients presented with Cushing's syndrome and a functional BCT. Twelve of 14 patients were disease free for 9 months to 34 years after surgical resection. We conclude that BCT should be suspected in children with pneumonitis resistant to therapy, atelectasis, wheezing, and hemoptysis. Surgical resection will result in symptom-free recovery in the majority of cases in spite of low-grade malignancy.[1]


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