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Disease relevance of Atelectasis


High impact information on Atelectasis

  • CONCLUSIONS--The increased SPL causes compression atelectasis; this is prevented when PEEP to a given lung region is equal to or greater than the SPL [6].
  • Lung atelectasis in mutants correlates with reduced levels of NKX2.1 and surfactant [7].
  • However, Sim2 mutant mice die within 3 days of birth due to lung atelectasis and breathing failure [8].
  • Sulfuric acid produced diffuse pulmonary hyperinflation with areas of consolidation and atelectasis [9].
  • Right middle lobar atelectasis was induced in anesthesized rabbits (n = 18) by intraluminal obstruction of the bronchus after a 20-minute ventilation with 100% O2 [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Atelectasis


Biological context of Atelectasis


Anatomical context of Atelectasis

  • Phrenic nerve stimulation during halothane anesthesia. Effects of atelectasis [21].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The dependent lung atelectasis produced by halothane anesthesia does not appear to be related to changes in the position of any single chest wall structure in these healthy young subjects, but rather to an interaction of several factors that remain to be identified [11].
  • We conclude that infiltration of the fascia with 0.25% bupivacaine at a dose of 2 ml/cm of incision is not effective in preventing postoperative atelectasis [22].
  • To test the relative sensitivity of serotonin and propranolol pulmonary extraction measurements to changes in pulmonary vascular surface, we sequentially subjected anaesthetized dogs to left upper lobe atelectasis, left lung atelectasis and left pulmonary artery occlusion [23].
  • Four of the seven patients had prolonged atelectasis of the left lower lobe and two had major vascular compression (pulmonary veins in the left lung in one and the inferior vena cava in another) [24].

Gene context of Atelectasis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Atelectasis


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