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Altered regulation of apolipoprotein A-IV gene expression in the liver of the genetically obese Zucker rat.

Apolipoprotein (apo) A-IV, a structural component of chylomicrons and high-density lipoproteins, may play a role in the catabolism of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins and in reverse cholesterol transport. To study the regulation of apoA-IV gene expression by genetic and nutritional factors, we determined the effect of a fish oil-rich and a sucrose-rich diet on apoA-IV gene transcription and nuclear and total cellular apoA-IV mRNA abundance in livers of genetically obese, hyperlipoproteinemic (fa/fa) Zucker rats and their lean (Fa/-) littermates. In obese rats fed chow, hepatic apoA-IV gene expression was more than twofold higher than in lean rats because of a post-transcriptional mechanism. apoA-I gene expression and apoC-III mRNA levels, studied as controls, were similar in both groups. The fish oil-rich diet reduced total cellular apoA-IV mRNA abundance transcriptionally to 34 +/- 4% of basal values in lean rats, but did not alter apoA-IV gene expression in obese rats. In contrast, this diet reduced apoA-I gene expression in both lean and obese animals. The sucrose-rich diet increased apoA-IV gene expression twofold in both lean and obese rats. Thus, genetic obesity alters the response of hepatic apoA-IV gene expression to a lipid-lowering diet rich in fish oil by a mechanism affecting transcriptional regulation.[1]


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