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Plasma and cerebroventricular fluid levels of pancreatic polypeptide in the dog: effects of feeding, insulin-induced hypoglycemia, and physical exercise.

We investigated the penetration of plasma pancreatic polypeptide (PP) into the third cerebral ventricular fluid ( CSF) of dogs. Plasma and CSF levels of PP were measured by RIA during the iv infusion of PP and during such stimuli as eating, insulin-induced hypoglycemia, and physical exercise. Plasma and CSF levels of insulin and glucose were also measured and compared during eating and insulin-induced hypoglycemia. Plasma glucose increased after feeding and decreased after insulin injection, followed by a corresponding change in CSF glucose without an apparent time lag. CSF insulin insignificantly increased after feeding and the injection of insulin, while CSF PP did not increase despite the marked elevation of plasma PP in response to these stimuli. CSF PP did not increase after the infusion of exogenous PP. Strenuous exercise, however, evoked an increase in both plasma and CSF PP levels; the CSF response was prompt, but more prolonged than that of plasma, suggesting the slow removal of PP from CSF. We conclude that 1) PP and insulin in CSF do not appear to play a major role in the short term regulation of food intake and acute changes in energy metabolism; and 2) PP, probably after entering the brain, may modulate brain function in such physiological situations as strenuous exercise.[1]


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