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Regression of mouse mammary gland anlagen in recombinants of Tfm and wild-type tissues: testosterone acts via the mesenchyme.

In the male mouse, regression of the mammary gland anlagen is induced by testosterone during embryonic life. In the androgen-insensitive Tfm mouse, the gland anlagen are resistant to the testosterone action. To analyze cellular interactions in this process, we isolated the mammary gland anlagen from Tfm- and wild-type embryos. The epithelial buds were separated from the mesencyme by trypsin-pacreatin treatment. From the epithelial and mesenchymal components, reciprocal recombinations were prepared and cultivated on millipore filter in the presence of testosterone. In combination with androgen-insensitive Tfm- mesenchyme, the wild-type buds survived the action of testosterone. On the other hand, in combination with wild-type mesenchyme, the androgen-insensitive Tfm epithelial buds were destroyed. The results show that testosterone induces detachment and degeneration of the buds via the mesenchyme.[1]


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