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Comparison of the retention of endodontic posts after preparation with EDTA.

Significant differences in the retention of preformed endodontic posts for endodontically treated teeth were determined with (1) parallel-sided, passively placed Para-Post dowel versus mechanically engaging, threaded Flexi-Post dowel; (2) irrigation of canals with EDTA; (3) cementation with urethane dimethacrylate resinous or zinc phosphate cement. It was hypothesized that EDTA would substantially increase retention by removing the smear layer on the prepared canal wall and create micromechanical retention in the dentin. Extracted teeth were prepared with endodontic posts and divided in groups representing combinations of variables. The forces for post removal and the locations of the retentive bond failures were recorded. The results indicated that EDTA did not significantly affect retention. The Flexi-Post dowel was significantly more retentive than the Para-Post dowel but also exhibited a greater potential for tooth damage compared with the Para-Post dowel during retentive failure loads.[1]


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