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Changes in Hox1.6, c-jun, and Oct-3 gene expressions are associated with teratocarcinoma F9 cell differentiation in three different ways of induction.

To obtain information on the mechanism of teratocarcinoma cell differentiation, the expression of genes having a specific role in gene regulation was examined using three different methods of inducing differentiation: drug treatments with retinoic acid (RA) and sodium butyrate, and a genetic approach using ts mutants. The RAR-beta and MK genes were induced specifically by RA treatment, which indicates that these two genes are solely RA responsive. By contrast, a change in c-jun, Hox1.6, and Oct-3 gene expression was observed in all three methods of F9 cell differentiation. These findings suggest that these three genes, whether down-or up-regulated, play an important and key role during teratocarcinoma cell differentiation.[1]


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