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A somatic cell hybrid map of the long arm of human chromosome 17, containing the familial breast cancer locus (BRCA1).

We describe a detailed somatic cell hybrid map of human chromosome 17q11.2-q23, containing the familial breast and ovarian cancer locus (BRCA1) and highly informative closely linked markers. An X-irradiation panel of 38 hamster/human and mouse/human hybrids with fragments of chromosome 17 was generated and characterized with 22 STS markers from this chromosome. A detailed map of 61 probes onto chromosome 17q, subdividing the chromosome arm into 25 regions, was done by using a panel of hybrids with well-defined breakpoints and nine chromosome-mediated gene transfectants. Our localization of RARA, TOP2, EDH17B1 and 2, and possibly WNT3, between THRA1 and D17S181, two markers known to flank BRCA1, suggests that any of these is a potential candidate for the BRCA1 locus. The marker D17S579 (Mfd188), which is believed to be very close to BRCA1, maps closest to the EDH17B genes.[1]


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