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Specificity of calcium-activated neutral proteinase ( CANP) inhibitors for human mu CANP and mCANP.

We investigated the relative inhibition of purified human mu CANP and mCANP by five cysteine proteinase inhibitors including N-acetyl-Leu-Leu-nor-leucinal (C-I) and N-acetyl-Leu-Leu-methioninal (C-II), calpeptin, E64, and leupeptin. Based on IC50 measurements, calpeptin and C-I were stronger inhibitors by one to two orders of magnitude than C-II, leupeptin or E64. None of the five inhibitors, however, exhibited greater specificity for human mu CANP or mCANP. These results indicate that, although the inhibition of a given cellular event by these compounds may suggest CANP involvement, effects on mu CANP cannot be discriminated from those on mCANP.[1]


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