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Partial physical map of human chromosome 21 from fibroblast and lymphocyte DNA.

A partial physical map of the human chromosome 21 including 26 genes and anonymous sequences was established by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis analysis of restriction fragments obtained from lymphocyte and fibroblast DNAs. The sizes of the restriction fragments obtained by total digestion with eight different enzymes were compared in these two tissues. Differences resulting from the variations in the methylation state of the restriction sites were frequently observed. These differences and partial digestions were used to estimate the order and the distances between genes and sequences. Six linkage groups were defined: D21S13-D21S16, D21S1-D21S11, D21S65-D21S17, (D21S55,ERG)-ETS2, BCEI-D21S19-D21S42-D21S113-CBS-CRYA1, and COL6A2-S100B. For six intergenic distances the resolution of previous maps was significantly increased.[1]


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