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Evaluation of pepsinogen, gastrin and antibody response in diagnosing ostertagiasis.

Ostertagia ostertagi is widely distributed and is one of the most important parasites affecting young bovine livestock. There is, therefore, a substantial need for sensitive and specific parameters in support of diagnosis of ostertagiasis, especially for subclinical disease related to production losses. In this review, the value and application of pepsinogen, gastrin and antibody response as diagnostic tools are discussed. These three parameters are useful and comparable for confirming clinical disease in calves during their first grazing season. However, their value for detecting subclinical parasitism is questionable. Differences in the course of gastrin and pepsinogen late in the grazing season can be correlated with larval inhibition and the possibility of ostertagiasis Type II. Relatively few serological methods have been developed for the immunodiagnosis of Ostertagia and until now the indirect antibody-detecting enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) has been the method of choice. Antibody measuring methods have several disadvantages, most notably a lack of sensitivity and specificity, which limits their use in longitudinal epidemiological studies. Considering the necessity of cost effectiveness and ease of use, it is anticipated that additional work will result in the enhancement and quality of current immunodiagnostic methods.[1]


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