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Antibodies in serum of patients with clonorchiasis before and after treatment.

Sera of 31 patients infected with Clonorchis sinensis were examined using fraction 1 antigen by ELISA during a one-year observation. The results of ELISA with Igs, IgG and IgA demonstrated high sensitivity (100%, 100% and 90%) and specificity (100%, 100% and 87%). Sera specific Igs and IgG were significantly decreased in the 3rd month after treatment with praziquantel (25mg/kg body weight in one dose), and IgA was significantly decreased in the 1st month (paired t-test, p < 0.05). No eggs were found in the stool after treatment. Detection of sera specific Igs, IgG and IgA by ELISA was combined with stool examination to evaluate the effect of praziquantel and the completeness of the cure.[1]


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