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Mapping of the mouse macrophage inflammatory protein-1 alpha receptor gene Scya3r and two related mouse beta chemokine receptor-like genes to chromosome 9.

Macrophage inflammatory protein-1 alpha ( MIP-1 alpha) and RANTES are members of the beta chemokine family of leukocyte chemoattractants. We have previously cloned three mouse genes by cross-hybridization with the human MIP-1 alpha/RANTES receptor gene CMKBR1. One of the mouse genes, Scya3r, encodes a functional MIP-1 alpha receptor. The functions of the other two, Scya3r-rs1 and Scya3r-rs2, are not known. We have now mapped Scya3r, Scya3r-rs1, and Scya3r-rs2 to chromosome 9, in a region of conserved synteny with the location of CMKBR1. Thus, like chemokine genes and alpha chemokine receptor genes, this group of beta chemokine receptor genes arose by tandem duplication.[1]


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