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An epidemiologic study of prn/ stat medication use in a state psychiatric hospital.

The prevalence of prn/ stat psychotropic medication administration and the characteristics and concomitants of high use of these medications were examined via a retrospective medical record review in a 973-bed state hospital. While 22.9% of the total hospital population received at least 1 prn/ stat dose during the study month, 27 patients (2.8% of the total population) received 44.4% of the prn/ stat doses, averaging 9.7 doses per patient. Examination of high-prn/ stat use patients whose disruptive behavior and prn/ stat use was "intermittent" throughout the month (N = 16) vs those who exhibited these characteristic for only a "discrete period" with resolution (N = 11) suggested that the prescription of antipsychotic drugs as prn/ stat doses as well as increases in or institution of these medications was significantly associated with the latter group's resolution of disruptive behavior. The findings suggest the need for clinical protocols as guides for clinicians in the establishment of effective pharmacotherapy for patients with agitated, threatening behavior, including the use of plasma levels to ensure adequate dosage of psychotropic medication.[1]


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