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Clinical Protocols

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  • A treatment protocol was introduced in 1979 for patients admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital with the diagnosis of TTP-HUS [11].
  • We successfully induced immune tolerance in patients with such antibodies with a new treatment protocol, which combined factor VIII, cyclophosphamide, and high-dose intravenous IgG, followed by regular prophylactic treatment with factor VIII [12].
  • It is clear that the monitoring of parameters other than linear growth to help refine GH therapy should now be incorporated into childhood GH treatment protocols [13].
  • A treatment protocol of four doses of 800 nanograms of TGF-beta resulted in v-src-expressing tumors with 100% frequency; four doses of only 10 nanograms still led to tumor formation in 80% of the animals [14].
  • Overall, the nonempiric basis for including estramustine in clinical protocols that contain other multidrug-resistant drugs is strengthened by the present data [15].

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