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Hospitals, State

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  • CONCLUSIONS: This study, limited by a small number of subjects, suggests that one-fifth of Caucasians admitted to a state hospital in Kentucky had genotypes associated with extremes in CYP2D6 activity that may have affected their response to CYP2D6 medications [4].
  • Of 33 chronically psychotic patients in a state hospital, 17 received carbamazepine, 13 received carbamazepine and lithium, and three received carbamazepine and then the combination [5].
  • Much of the data interpreted in these publications came from studies sponsored by the Committee of Nutritional Studies at Elgin State Hospital (Elgin, IL) of an earlier Food and Nutrition BOARD: The 50% increase in the recommended dietary allowances for vitamin E is not supported by any new data [6].
  • It presents an operational analysis of the Dexamethasone Suppression Test as utilized at a state hospital [7].
  • Risperidone use at a state hospital: a clinical audit 2 years after the first wave of risperidone prescriptions [8].

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  • This study examined whether these findings would be replicated when ASAP was introduced at three additional state hospitals [16].
  • Patient charts were reviewed from a state hospital in the western United States. Of the 292 persons served in 2002, only 6 received a diagnosis of ADHD [17].
  • The paper discusses the particular difficulties encountered in the field of psychic ADR in psychiatric patients regarding causality assessment, and emphasizes the need for continuous ADR assessment studies including state hospitals [18].
  • A subsequent analysis of psychopathological findings assessed by means of the AMDP Manual (Guy and Ban 1982) in schizophrenic in-patients of the Haar Mental State Hospital (N=447), in whom a lifetime prevalence for substance use of 42.9% (3-month prevalence 29%) had been reported, was performed [19].
  • Antihistamines were the most frequently used stat and prn medications at the state hospital [20].


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