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Surgical treatment for invasive thymoma, especially when the superior vena cava is invaded.

BACKGROUND. We analyzed the operative outcome of extensive surgery for invasive thymoma, especially in those with thymomas invading the superior vena cava, the left innominate vein, or both. METHODS. We treated 41 patients with invasive thymoma, including 34 stage III, 5 stage IVa, and 2 stage IVb thymomas. Thirty-eight patients received radiotherapy preoperatively or postoperatively. In 12 patients with invasion of the superior vena cava or innominate vein, we performed angioplasty, reconstruction, or both. RESULTS. The overall 5-year survival rate was 77% and the 10-year survival rate was 59%. In the stage III group, there was a significant difference between those with complete and those with incomplete resection. Ten of 12 patients who had angioplasty with or without reconstruction of the superior vena cava or innominate vein survived without recurrence of the tumors. CONCLUSION. Angioplasty and vascular reconstruction are recommended because successful treatment for invasive thymomas depends on complete resection of the tumors.[1]


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