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Complete nucleotide sequence of Ig V genes in three cases of Burkitt lymphoma associated with AIDS.

To investigate the role of polyclonal stimulation and antigen driven selection in the pathogenesis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) related lymphomas, we studied the variable region nucleotide sequence of heavy (VH) and light (VL) chains expressed by 3 Burkitt lymphomas (BL) associated with HIV infection. Two cases expressed the VH3-30P1 gene with 88.6% and 86.7% homology when compared to their germinal counterpart, whereas the VH4-18 was rearranged in the third one (89% identity). All these genes displayed high numbers of mutations (27, 22, 28 respectively), predominating in CDR regions. The encoded light chain genes determined for cases 1 and 2 expressed the same V kappa I-018 gene. These results indicate that: 1) Although, it is difficult to address the issue of VH usage based on the limited number of cases studied, Burkitt's lymphoma associated with AIDS may use a restricted repertoire of Ig genes. 2) Mutations and/or replacements predominated in CDR regions, which might suggest the occurrence of an antigen driven selection process, at least in some AIDS associated lymphomas. However, the high ratio of mutations observed in framework (FW) regions also favors the possibility that the antigen selection process is associated with polyclonal B cell stimulation.[1]


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