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Time to detection of cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA in blood leukocytes is a predictor for the development of CMV disease in CMV-seronegative recipients of allografts from CMV-seropositive donors following liver transplantation.

In 35 cytomegalovirus (CMV)-seronegative recipients of livers from CMV-seropositive donors, 32 (91%) developed CMV infection and 24 of them (75%) experienced disease. Polymerase chain reaction for CMV DNA in leukocytes had the best positive and negative predictive values for the development of disease within 2 months from transplantation, and shell-vial or tube culture viremia was the best predictor thereafter. In patients who developed CMV disease, CMV DNA was first detected at 46 days (median; range, 13-128) after transplantation, significantly earlier than the 77 days (range, 46-174) for those who did not develop CMV disease (P = .02). By a semiquantitative method, the CMV DNA level in the first positive sample did not predict disease development. However, the maximum CMV DNA level during infection was significantly higher in patients who developed CMV disease. In CMV-seronegative recipients of livers from CMV-seropositive donors, the time to DNA positivity following transplantation may predict disease progression and be useful as a guide for the initiation of preemptive therapy.[1]


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