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Disease Progression

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  • Thus, the protective effect of delta ccr5 against disease progression is lost when the infecting virus uses CXCR-4 as a coreceptor [20].
  • A more commonly distributed transition causing a valine to isoleucine switch in transmembrane domain I of CCR2B (64I) with unknown functional consequences was recently shown to delay disease progression but not reduce infection risk [30].
  • Inhibition of VEGF receptor Flk1 did not affect arthritis or atherosclerosis, indicating that inhibition of Flk1-driven angiogenesis alone was not sufficient to halt disease progression [31].
  • Amounts of MGAT5 glycan products are commonly increased in malignancies, and correlate with disease progression [32].
  • Genetic alterations in the TP53 gene have been reported as frequent events in bladder cancer and are associated with disease progression [33].
  • GADAs persist for 6 years after diagnosis of LADA, but levels and reactivity to different GAD65 epitopes are not associated with disease progression [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Disease Progression


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