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Dysplasia in ulcerative colitis: is radiography adequate for diagnosis?

PURPOSE: To determine to usefulness of barium enema examination in detecting dysplasia in patients with ulcerative colitis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Radiographic findings of 22 areas of dysplasia in 10 patients (seven men, three women; aged 34-81 years at diagnosis) were reviewed. Serial changes in radiographic features of four areas of dysplasia in three patients were retrospectively investigated. RESULTS: Fourteen of 22 areas of dysplasia were shown on radiographs. Dysplasia in the rectum or sigmoid colon was depicted less frequently than that in other segments of the colon. Radiographic features were classified as obvious nodular protrusions (seven lesions), irregular mucosa (five lesions), or nodular protrusions with irregular mucosa (two lesions). Six of the seven areas of dysplasia shown as irregular mucosa were accompanied by minute spiculations in the margin of the colonic lumen. There was no correlation between radiologic features and histologic grade of dysplasia. CONCLUSION: Barium enema examination may be used as a complementary method of cancer surveillance with endoscopy. These methods show about two-thirds of lesions associated with dysplasia.[1]


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