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Protein polymorphism generated by differential RNA editing of a plant mitochondrial rps12 gene.

The rps12 gene transcripts encoding mitochondrial ribosomal protein S12 are partially edited in petunia mitochondria. Different petunia lines were found vary in the extent of rps12 transcript editing. To test whether multiple forms of RPS12 proteins are produced in petunia mitochondria as a result of partial editing, we probed mitochondrial proteins with specific antibodies against edited and unedited forms of a 13-amino-acid RPS12 peptide spanning two amino acids affected by RNA editing. Both antibodies reacted with mitochondrial proteins at the expected size for RPS12 proteins. The amounts of unedited RPS12 protein in different petunia lines correlate with the abundance of unedited transcripts in these plants. Unedited rps12 translation products are also detected in other plant species, indicating that polymorphism in mitochondrial rps12 expression is widespread. Moreover, we show that RPS12 proteins recognized by both edited-specific and unedited-specific antibodies are present in a petunia mitochondrial ribosome fraction. These results demonstrate that partially edited transcripts can be translated and that the protein product can accumulate to detectable levels. Therefore, genes exhibiting incompletely edited transcripts can encode more than one gene product in plant mitochondria.[1]


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