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Leukotriene A4, and not leukotriene B4, is the main 5-lipoxygenase metabolite released by bovine leukocytes.

The production of leukotriene A4 (LTA4)-derived metabolites, analysed by RP-HPLC, was studied in purified bovine polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMNL) preparations and in PMNL-platelet coincubations after challenge with the calcium ionophore A23187. The results obtained show that in bovine PMNL LTB4 represents the main LTA4 metabolite. When washed platelets were added to PMNL, LTC4 was the main enzymatic metabolite observed, indicating a substantial transfer of PMNL-derived LTA4 to platelets. The synthesis of LTC4 was accompanied by a significant decrease in LTB4, suggesting that a quota of the LTB4 synthesized in PMNL preparations is the result of transcellular metabolism of released LTA4 by neighbouring PMNL. Reduction of PMNL-PMNL interactions through dilution of cell incubates allowed us to estimate that most of the leukotriene A4 synthesized by PMNL is indeed released from the cell. LTA4, and not LTB4, represents the main 5-lipoxygenase metabolite released by bovine PMNL.[1]


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