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Polymorphism of esterase 11 in Mus musculus, a further esterase locus on chromosome 8.

A further esterase, esterase 11, which exhibits a polymorphism detectable by electrophoresis, has been observed in the house mouse, Mus musculus. In 15 inbred strains and two outbred strains, the ES-11A phenotype has been found, composed of two bands of enzyme activity of greater anodal electrophoretic mobility than the two bands of the ES-11B phenotype found in one inbred strain, one wild stock, and 101 wild mice. In F1 hybrids (IS/Cam X C57BL/Gr), the phenotype shown corresponds to a mixture of the two parental phenotypes. In backcrosses, ES-11 segregates as an autosomal gene, designated Es-11, closely linked to Es-2 and Es-5 on chromosome 8.[1]


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