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Sequence analysis of the 43 kb CRM1-YLM9-PET54-DIE2-SMI1-PHO81-YHB4-PFK1 region from the right arm of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome VII.

The nucleotide sequence of a 43 118 bp fragment from chromosome VII of Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been determined and analysed. The fragment originates from the right arm of chromosome VII. It starts approximately 11 kb centromere-proximal to the per54 marker and ends in the middle of the PFK1 gene. The sequence contains a small nuclear RNA gene (SNR7) and 29 open reading frames (ORFs) larger than 100 amino acids. Six of these were completely internal to or partially overlapped other ORFs. Six previously described genes, YLM9/MRPL9, CRM1, DIE2, SMI1, PHO81 and YHB4, were mapped to this region in addition to pet54 and PFK1. Of the remaining 17 ORFs, four showed homology with other S. cerevisiae genes and four, including one of the partially overlapping ORFs, with genes from other organisms. Eight ORFs had no homology with any sequence in the databases.[1]


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